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DMHAS Prevention and Health Promotion Unit
Tobacco Prevention and Enforcement Program (TPEP)

Tobacco Prevention Web Sites

Surgeon General's Report on Tobacco

Connecticut Clearinghouse

National Clearing House for Alcohol and Drug Information

American Legacy Foundation

Emphysema Foundation

Get Outraged

Jeffrey Wigand (The Insider)

Massachusetts Tobacco Control Program


Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada

The Truth

Smoke Signals


Action on Smoking and Health

American Cancer Society

National Cancer Institute

American Non-Smokers Rights Foundation

Smoke Screen

Florida Pilot Program on Tobacco Control

STAT-Stop Teenage Addiction to Tobacco

Washington "DOC"

Tobacco Bulletin Board Service


Tobacco Products Liability Project

Agency for Health Care Policy and Research

Smoke Free Kids Web Page

Tobacco Free Kids

CDC Office on Smoking and Health

Tips 4 Youth

The State Tobacco Information Center

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