DMHAS: CYSPI Pilot Program

DMHAS Prevention and Health Promotion Unit

Assessing Depression and Preventing Suicide in Adolescents (ADAPSA)

DMHAS is working with the Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center Adolescent and Young Health Program and the Quirk Middle School School-Based Health Center in Hartford, CT to implement a comprehensive prevention program designed to use: 1) programs and services that have been developed and evaluated using scientific research methods that demonstrate their effectiveness; and 2) programs and services that use established prevention principles to increase the availability and accessibility of mental health treatment by embedding services in these locations, which may later be replicated in other CT communities. Care is coordinated between the two sites in order to meet the needs of youth who may access services at either site at one time or another. 

Prevention efforts are directed at middle school aged youth and those people who are stakeholders and influence them including parents/guardians, family members, caregivers, schools, communities at large and the agencies, organizations and institutions within those communities. It is anticipated that a minimum of 875 middle school students will be assessed and 235 will be referred to individual and/or group counseling services. 

Each site provides mental health assessments using the Reynolds Adolescent Depression Scale, 2nd Ed (RADS2) and other measures as needed, crisis counseling for up to eight sessions, referral to community-based therapeutic counseling, and liaison services to referred youth; and information and consultant services for stakeholders.

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