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DMHAS Affirmative Action Division
171 Bow Lane (AA Office - Cottage 20), P.O. Box 351, Middletown, CT 06457
(Southend of Connecticut Valley Hospital grounds)
{Affirmative Action Division}
  Main Office Phone: 860-262-6883
Main Office Fax: 860-262-5197
Eric Smith, Equal Employment Opportunity Director, 860-262-5863

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The Affirmative Action Office is responsible for monitoring and ensuring the proper implementation of policies and procedures related to equal employment opportunity, affirmative action, and the Americans with Disabilities Act. “Affirmative Action” means “positive action”, undertaken with conviction and effort, to overcome the present effects of past practices, policies, or any barriers to equal employment opportunity. This includes the goal of full and fair participation of any groups that have been found historically to be under-utilized in the workforce or otherwise adversely affected.  The purpose and goal of affirmative action is equal employment opportunity.

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This Office conducts and/or participates in internal discrimination investigations, renders finding and is involved in a variety of resolution activities.  The Office develops, implements and monitors affirmative action goals and objectives. The Office monitors compliance with State and Federal affirmative action/equal employment opportunity laws. The Office provides training and consults with managers and administrators on affirmative action matters. This Office directly reports to and is under the authority of the DMHAS Commissioner.

Tommy Wilson
Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist 2

Adele Howard
Administrative Assistant
Lorraine Collazo-DeLeon
Equal Employment Opportunity Assistant
Affirmative Action Contact Person by Facility
  • Capitol Region Mental Health Center - Tommy Wilson
  • Connecticut Mental Health Center - Call Main AA Office
  • Connecticut Valley Hospital - Tommy Wilson
  • Office of the Commissioner (Hartford & Middletown) - Eric Smith
  • River Valley Services - Call Main AA Office
  • Southeastern Mental Health Authority - Tommy Wilson 
  • Southwest CT Mental Health System – Eric Smith 
  • Western CT Mental Health Network – Call Main AA Office    

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