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DMHAS Integrative Medicine Activities: Supporting Mind, Body and Spirit
What's Happening?

Connecticut Valley Hospital Integrative Medicine Committee

An all-volunteer group of staff that has a passion for integrative medicine.

In addition to normal hospital duties members:
  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine Committee formed Jan 2009
  • Became Integrative Medicine Committee 2010
  • Reports to Medical Staff Monthly
  • Advocated for Formal Trainings in Vibrational Healing, Yoga, Mindfulness, Reiki
  • Co – Chair added 2014
  • Expanded Activities Tremendously 2014 - 2015
CVH Committee activities:
Alternative Modalities and Wellness Activities available at CVH
  • Animal Therapy    
  • Aroma Therapy
  • Comfort/Sensory Rooms
  • Compassion Practice
  • Dance/Movement Therapy
  • Herbal Supplements/Nutrition
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Animal- Assisted Therapy
  • Reiki/Energy Work
  • Spirituality
  • T’ai Chi
  • Vibrational Healing
  • Walking Meditation
  • Restorative Yoga
Statewide Behavioral Health Integrative Medicine Collaborative
  • Established in February of 2016 by DMHAS Commissioner Delphin-Rittmon  
  • Mission:
    • To further the department’s commitment to providing person-centered approaches grounded in science.
    • To promote and coordinate statewide integrative medicine activities within Connecticut’s  behavioral health service system.
  • Collaborative Work Groups:
    • Research
    • Education and Professional Development
    • Conference Planning
    • Web Page Development
  • Activities:
    • Collect and report on the research findings related to Integrative medicine approaches.
    • Explore and promote the use of standards for integrative medicine practice in behavioral health settings.
    • Gather quarterly to offer behavioral health professionals with an interest in integrative approaches the opportunity to share knowledge and resources; coordinate efforts; and develop and nurture professional partnerships.
  • Chair: Tracey Sondik
To learn more about the Collaborative or to join, please contact

To learn more about these approaches to care or to find providers using integrative modalities in your community visit

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