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Selection Process Update

Aug 20, 2018:

Update for the 128th Training Troop:

There will be an agility test on September 29, 2018. All remaining applicants from the 2017 written exam will be invited to attend.

Any applicant who was previously approved for a deferment from a prior agility test must contact the Selections Unit if they wish to attend the next agility test.

Applicants will have option of submitting a CHIP card in lieu of taking the State Police agility. The deadline to submit a chip card is September 23, 2018.

All questions should be directed to the Selections Unit (203-630-8070)

Update for the 127th Training Troop:
Applicants in the 127th Training Troop cohort are currently in the background investigations and psychological assessment phases of the selections process.

The official start date for the 127th Training Troop has not been determined.

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