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Recruitment and Selections

Selection Process Update

As of July 1, 2018

Update for the 127th Training Troop:

The Selections Unit has hosted (2) agility tests. Applicants who scored 70 or above on the 2017 written exam were invited to participate.

Thus far, applicants who passed the agility test and scored an 84 or above on the written exam have been invited to take a polygraph examination.

In addition to the polygraph examination, background investigations have begun.

Itís anticipated that in Mid-July applicants will be notified whether or not they will be proceeding to the psychological phase of the selection process.

As of yet, an official start date for the 127th Training Troop has not been determined.


Additional Notes:

Applicants who have passed the agility test, and scored below an 84 on the written exam, are still active candidates in the selection process.

All future correspondence related to the selection process will come via email. In the event your contact information changes please notify the Selection Unit.



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