despp: Command Staff
Division of State Police

Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection
Division of State Police
Tel: (860)-685-8000
Fax: (860)-685-8354
1111 Country Club Road
Middletown, CT 06457
Commanding Officer - Colonel Alaric J. Fox

E-Mail: Alaric.Fox@CT.Gov

Chief of Staff - Lt. Seth Mancini

E-Mail: Seth.Mancini@CT.Gov

{Colonel Alaric J. Fox}  
Colonel Alaric J. Fox

Office of Field Operations

Tel: (860) 685-8090

Fax: (860)685-8475

{Lt. Colonel David Rosado}  

Commanding Officer

Lt. Colonel David Rosado
E-Mail: David.Rosado@CT.Gov

Chief of Staff

Lt. Kelly Kraynak
E-Mail: Kelly.Kraynak@CT.Gov

Office of Administrative Services

Tel: (860) 685-8180

{Lt. Colonel George F. Battle}  

Commanding Officer

Lt. Colonel George F. Battle
E-Mail: George.Battle@CT.Gov

Chief of Staff

Lt. Marc F. Petruzzi
E-Mail: Marc.F.Petruzzi@CT.Gov

Office of Professional Standards

and Support Services

Tel: (203) 630-4340

{Lt. Colonel Edwin Henion}  

Commanding Officer

Lt. Colonel Edwin S. Henion
E-Mail: Edwin.Henion@CT.Gov


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