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Forensic Science Laboratory

{Forensic Science Laboratory}

The Connecticut Forensic Science Laboratory is responsible for all forensic examinations for the State of Connecticut and derives its statutory authority from C.G.S. 29-7b which states in part, the Division:

  1. May investigate any physical evidence or evidentiary material related to a crime upon the request of any federal, state or local agency;
  2. May conduct or assist in the scientific field investigation at the scene of a crime and provide other technical assistance and training in the various fields of scientific criminal investigation upon request;
  3. Shall assure the safe custody of evidence during examination;
  4. Shall forward a written report of the results of an examination of evidence to the agency submitting such evidence;
  5. Shall render expert court testimony when requested; and
  6. Shall conduct ongoing research in the areas of the forensic sciences.
Forensic Biology
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Combined DNA Index System
Trace Evidence

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{Paint chip and M/V}
{Photograph of a stainless steel revolver}
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