despp: State Police Promote Safe Driving for July 4th Weekend

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Department of Emergency Services &
Public Protection
Connecticut State Police
Public Information Office
1111 Country Club Road
Middletown, Connecticut 06457
Dr. Dora B. Schriro
Colonel Brian Meraviglia
Deputy Commissioner
Division of State Police
July 1, 2014



     The July 4th holiday weekend is upon us, with families and friends expected to travel in and through our state for outings, picnics and other summer festivities. Oftentimes, these social activities include an increase in alcohol consumption.  One DRUNK DRIVER on the road can turn a festive, enjoyable summer event into a tragedy.

   The Connecticut State Police will be on patrol for the July 4th 2014 Holiday weekend with an increased number of Troopers patrolling the highways and roads of our state. Operation C.A.R.E. (Combined Accident Reduction Effort) will be in effect starting July 3rd and running through midnight July 7th.

     Troopers will use all tools in the toolbox to enhance safety and enforce the laws across the state.  Lasar speed measuring units will be utilized to enforce speed on highways and secondary roads. Troopers will be strategically placed to reduce speeds on the highways and roadways during the holiday period.

      In addition, Connecticut State Troopers will operate sobriety checkpoints in numerous locations in Connecticut. Sites for concentrated enforcement operations will be chosen where Troopers experience a high number of alcohol-involved crashes and incidents.  For a list of checkpoints please click HERE.

      As always, the Connecticut State Police is doing everything possible to prevent accidents -  especially fatal crashes – on Connecticut’s roads and highways. Troopers will utilize (as appropriate) aircraft, laser units,  and both marked and unmarked State Police Patrol cars to enhance safety and to remove all drunk drivers from Connecticut’s roads.

     Department of Emergency Services & Public Protection Commissioner Dr. Dora B. Schriro urges all Connecticut drivers: “Wear your seatbelt, it can save your life.  Please remember that courtesy on the highway can be contagious. Set the example by obeying all traffic laws, and drive the speed limits.”  

     During July 4th 2013, Connecticut State Police issued the following number of summons:  2,491 for speeding; 65 DUI; and 534 seatbelt arrests. State Police investigated 370 motor vehicle crashes, 55 with injury, but no fatal crashes. Troopers also issued 5,737 tickets for other hazardous moving violations.                 

     Colonel Brian Meraviglia, Commander of the Connecticut State Police, said “Connecticut drivers can help State Troopers keep our highways safe by setting an example. Drive the speed limit, don’t drink alcohol and drive, and immediately report a suspected drunk drivers to police by calling 911, as this is a true emergency.”



Lt. J. Paul Vance

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