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April 4, 2014


                                       STATE POLICE CENTRAL DISTRICT SUMMARY of

                                                    “OPERATION STOP TAILGATING”

   Today, 04/03/14, the Connecticut State Police Central District Command announced the conclusion of a recent successful collaborative effort with the CT Department of Transportation.  OPERATION STOP TAILGATING intended to reduce the frequency of crashes by concentrating enforcement and education activities on the leading cause of those crashes, “FOLLOWING TOO CLOSE.”

   The maps HERE  indicate the problem areas that were identified and the areas where enforcement activities were concentrated in an effort to reduce the number of crashes. 

   Map #1 shows those areas identified as “hot spots “and the State Police enforcement concentration in those areas.

   Map#2  shows the crash reduction, in theses hot spots, during the month of March 2014 as a result of OPERATION STOP TAILGATING.

   There was an 11% reduction, districtwide, in crashes.  This reduction is the result of concentrated enforcement, public education and DOT message boards communicating the message directly to the motoring public.

   State Police will continue to observe and enforce the “following too close” statute in an effort to continue to further reduce this type of injury and property damage causing crashes.



Connecticut State Police / Central District Headquarters



MARCH 2014


Connecticut State Police Central District State Police Troops located in Bethany, Hartford and Westbrook have concluded a month long ‘STOP TAILGATING’ project. The project focused on limited access highways in the greater Hartford, New Haven, Meriden, Middletown and Old Saybrook areas to include I-84, I-91,  I-95, I-691, Routes 8, 9 and 15.



As a result of the study of statistical data, a multi-pronged approach to reduce the incident of crashes caused by following too closely was initiated. The three-prong approach included an educational component through the use of DOT highway advisory boards, public education through the media and aggressive enforcement activities by the State Police. Additionally, State Police personnel are working with DOT to make highway engineering improvements.  


What was accomplished during this initiative?

During the month of March 2014, State Police personnel, along with CT DOT partners, worked diligently to educate the public regarding the dangers of following too close. The results of this initiative found that the number of motor vehicle crashes within the central district decreased by 11% during the month of March 2014 when compared with the same time frame in 2013.


The Connecticut Department of Transportation has supported the ‘STOP TAILGATING’ project by posting ‘TAILGATING ENFORCEMENT ZONE’ on overhead message boards along designated areas of these highways and by providing laser devices used to measure the distance between vehicles. Also, several media outlets conducted ride-a-longs with Troopers during the project to help get the message out surrounding the hazards of tailgating.   



Maintaining a safe following distance is more than being a good driver – it’s the law.




LT. J. Paul Vance


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