despp: State Police Statewide Narcotics Task Force Makes Arrest After Lengthy Investigation

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Reuben Bradford
Colonel Danny R. Stebbins
Deputy Commissioner
Division of State Police
April 2, 2014


Three (3) Felony Arrest Warrants Served After

Lengthy Marijuana Distribution Investigation in Canton


   Detectives from the Statewide Narcotics Task Force-North Central Field Office executed three (3) separate Felony Arrest Warrants at 4 Whirling Dun in the town of Canton.  The target of the investigation was arrested at that location without incident.  The arrest was a culmination of an approximate six (6) month investigation which initiated from information obtained by the Canton Police Department, which was forwarded to the Statewide Narcotics Task Force. 


   The target of the investigation (David K. Wyrick, DOB: 08-02-91) of 4 Whirling Dun, Canton, was arrested, was transported to the Troop H Hartford Barracks for processing and is being held on a total of $450,000.00 in COURT-SET BONDS (three (3) separate $150,000.00 COURT-SET BONDs).  Wyrick was unable to post his bonds.  He will be held awaiting his arraignment(s) on April 3rd, 2014, at Hartford Superior Court/G.A. #14.


 David K. Wyrick (DOB: 08-02-91) of 4 Whirling Dun, Canton, CT was arrested and charged with the following three (3) identical charges on three (3) separate arrest warrants:


Possession of over a ounce of Marijuana; C.G.S. 21a-279(c)

Sale of Marijuana; C.G.S. 21a-277(b) 

Sale of Marijuana within 1500 Feet of a School and/or Daycare; C.G.S. 21a-278 a(b)





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