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Long Gun Eligibility Certificates Q & A

What is a Long Gun Eligibility Certificate?


This certificate allows you to purchase a long gun (rifle or shotgun), ammunition and magazines.


Why would I need a Long Gun Eligibility Certificate?


If you do not have a pistol permit, in order to purchase a long gun after April 1st, 2014, you will require this certificate.


How do I get a Long Gun Eligibility Certificate?


The application for a Long Gun Eligibility Certificate is posted on the Connecticut State Police Website under the Special Licensing and Firearms.  Click on State Pistol Permit in the menu and then the link for the DPS-799-C.  You can also click on the Firearms and Permit Related Forms and Information tab in the menu to obtain the form as well.  This form is the application utilized for a pistol permit, the pistol eligibility certificate and the long gun eligibility certificate.


How much does it cost to obtain a Long Gun Eligibility Certificate?


The cost for the application is $35.00 for a 5 year term. An additional $50.00 for the State Fingerprints and $15.00 for the Federal Fingerprints are also associated with the application.


How long will it take to obtain a Long Gun Eligibility Certificate?


State law 29-37q requires that not later than 60 days after receipt of the national criminal history records check from the FBI that the application be approved or notification of denial be made.

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