despp: State Police Statewide Narcotics Task Force Makes Arrests, Seizure in New Haven

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May 22, 2013


State Police Statewide Narcotics Task Force Serve Narcotic Warrants in New Haven


   Detectives from the State Police Statewide Narcotics Task Force, assisted by New Haven PD Narcotics Unit, New Haven Shooting Task Force, and New Haven PD patrol, executed pre-dawn narcotics raids at four separate New Haven residences.


   The SNTF office has been investigating a known heroin trafficking organization since February 2013. The main target of this investigation, Tyrone Harvey “AKA Fly” DOB: 03/24/70, is a large scale supplier with many street level dealers operating with and for him in this organization.


   On March 5, 2013, the SNTF office raided Harvey’s residence and seized 363 bags of heroin and over $10,000 in cash. On March 26, 2013, SNTF office raided Harvey’s residence again and seized 102 bags of heroin and over $13,000 in cash.


   SNTF learned that Harvey was once again trafficking heroin and using several people to sell for and with him. After several undercover buys, four search and seizure warrants were obtained from Superior Court for locations throughout the city and the warrants were served on May 22, 2013. Once all the residences were secured the following evidence was seized.


EVIDENCE: 2,375 bags of Heroin totaling 140.9 grams

                   $4,883 in US currency

                   Several items related to packaging and drug paraphernalia


ADDRESSES: #41 Bailey St Apt W3

                     #55 Walnut St #3

           #231 Davenport

           #501 East St 2nd floor




Tyrone Harvey (DOB: 3/24/70) and

Zelia Morgan (DOB:12/07/77) both of 41 Bailey St #W3


Warren Walker (DOB: 8/12/73) of 55 Walnut St #3


Tyrone Harvey Jr. (DOB: 2/17/88) and

Jaquata Streater (DOB: 03/07/88) both of 231 Davenport Ave.


CHARGES: All of the above were arrested on multiple narcotics related charges. Harvey Sr. and Morgan were both charged with risk of injury to a minor. Harvey Sr. was held on a $1,000,000 bond.


DCF: DCF responded to 41 Bailey Street W3 and removed a small child from the home under the DCF Drug Endangered Program.



{Photo of seizure}




Lt. J. Paul Vance


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