despp: State Police Investigate Threat

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Reuben Bradford
Colonel Danny R. Stebbins
Deputy Commissioner
Division of State Police
February 20, 2013


                          STATE POLICE INVESTIGATE THREAT

DATE:          Tuesday, February 19, 2013, at approximately 0930 hours.       



ARRESTED:      Pending


CHARGES:       Threatening 1st 53a-61aa

                           Breach of Peace 2nd Degree 53a-181


BOND:              N/A                                                                                                                               


COURT:            Hartford Superior Court, GA #14



DATE:               N/A

   On Tuesday, February 19, 2013, at approximately 9:30 a.m., a phone call was made to the State Capitol Constituent Services Unit by a male claiming that he had sent a sealed letter to Governor Dannel Malloy which contained Anthrax sealed inside of the envelope.  The caller left his name and phone number and soon after, a member of the Connecticut State Police Governorís Security Unit made a phone call back to the male individual.  The male stated that he sent the letter to the Governor last Friday,  that he was having doubts about sending it, and that he knew this was a threat.  The State Trooper was able to obtain a name and address of the individual.

   A short time later the letter was intercepted in the incoming mail from the Post Office and was quarantined.  The Connecticut State Police Emergency Services Unit and the FBI handled the letter, removed it from the building and secured it.


   Members of the Connecticut State Police Central District Major Crime Squad arrived at the suspectís address in East Hartford.  With the help of East Hartford Police Officers, the suspect was located inside of his apartment and admitted to sending the letter to the Governor because he did not like that the Governor had made fun of him on TV.  The suspect stated that the substance was in fact flour from his kitchen, and that he did know what he had done was serious.  The suspect made a threatening comment to harm himself and was subsequently sent to the hospital via the East Hartford Fire Department on a State Police Emergency Committal.


   Through continued investigative efforts, an arrest warrant will be sought for the suspect.




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