despp: State Police Arrest Trooper on Criminal Charges

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Reuben Bradford
Colonel Danny R. Stebbins
Deputy Commissioner
Division of State Police
November 29, 2012



   On September 22, 2012, Troopers responded to and conducted a fatal motor vehicle accident investigation on Route 15 in Fairfield.  Several first responder agencies were present on the scene including State Police, Fairfield Fire, and EMS.

   Subsequent to this fatal accident, family members determined that certain personal property belonging to the deceased was not accounted for, including jewelry, clothing, and cash. 

   State Police initiated an investigation in an attempt to determine the location of the missing property. Family members were able to recover the clothing of the deceased from the hospital, but there were still missing items of value.  State Police Detectives conducted an extensive investigation into this complaint and were able to locate the missing jewelry.  It was determined that the jewelry had not been logged into evidence by the Trooper investigating the fatal accident. State Police Detectives conducted  numerous interviews and examined evidence that resulted in the locating and seizure of  a large amount of cash from the police cruiser of the investigating Trooper.

   An arrest warrant application was submitted by State Police Detectives to Superior Court GA# 2 in Bridgeport for the arrest of the accused trooper in this case.   The court reviewed the arrest warrant request and issued an arrest warrant for the accused on 11/28/12.

   Today, 11/29/12, State Police arrested the accused HUNTSMAN at Troop I in Bethany.  He was processed and released upon posting a $5,000 bond.  He will be arraigned in Superior Court GA #2 Bridgeport on 12/--/12 to answer to the charges.  Trooper Huntsman is an 18-year-veteran of the State Police; his police powers were suspended upon initiation of this investigation.

   Huntsman will also be subject to a corresponding internal affairs investigation.

ARRESTED:  HUNTSMAN, Aaron   DOB: 6/12/69

                   1111 Country Club Rd

                   Middletown, Ct.

CHARGES:  Larceny 3rd  (2counts)

                  Interfering with Police

                  Tampering with or Fabricating Physical Evidence


Lt. J. Paul Vance


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