Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security
Sep 18, 2013

Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program (HSEEP) Sept 18, 25, & Oct. 2, 2013 in Watertown CT.

The HSEEP Training Course

The HSEEP Training Course incorporates exercise guidance and best practices from the HSEEP Volumes. Throughout the course, participants will learn about exercise-related topics including program management, design and development, conduct, evaluation, and improvement planning.

The HSEEP Training Course is an interactive course that allows participants to share personal lessons learned and best practices while gaining practical experience. In addition to the instructor-led course presentations, the course includes small group activities, videos, and group discussions. The course also provides overviews of HSEEP-related initiatives such as technology (e.g., the HSEEP Toolkit) and capabilities-based planning (e.g., Target Capabilities List [TCL]). This blended approach will give participants hands-on experience that readily translates to real-world exercise skills. Activities include creating exercise documentation, conducting exercise planning conferences and briefings, and practicing exercise evaluation.

The course has been developed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) using input from Federal partners, subject matter experts (SMEs), and State and local representatives. HSEEP is a capabilities-based exercise program that includes a cycle, mix, and range of exercise activities of varying degrees of complexity and interaction. The purpose of HSEEP is to build self-sustaining exercise programs and provide a standardized methodology for designing, developing, conducting, and evaluating all exercises.

Participant Preparation

Participants need a basic knowledge of exercise design and HSEEP terminology. Therefore, participants are required to complete Independent Study (IS)-120.A, An Introduction to Exercises, before attending the HSEEP Training Course. The IS course takes approximately 3 to 5 hours to complete. To complete this requirement, follow these steps:

                Go to training.fema.gov/EMIWeb/IS/IS120A.asp and select “Interactive Web-based Course”.

                After completing the modules, select “Take Final Exam”.

                Obtain proof of completion of the course.

Additionally, the HSEEP Training Course will briefly cover other DHS initiatives. As such, it is recommended that participants complete the following IS courses:

                IS-130, Exercise Evaluation and Improvement Planning

                IS-139, Exercise Design

                IS-700, NIMS, An Introduction

                IS-800.B, National Response Framework, An Introduction

The course will be held at the Watertown Fire Dept., address listed below.


Location: 935 Main St. Watertown CT.
This event is 24 miles from you (06457).

8 AM - 5 PM

Contact: Tom Romano
Email: thomas.romano@ct.gov
Phone: 860 256 0844
24 of 30 seats still available
Last day to register: 9/12/2013
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