Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security
Nov 4, 2013

DHS Active Shooter Workshop

Given todayís ever-changing threat environment, preparing for and training employees to cope with workplace violence should be a key piece of an organizationís incident response planning.
A Unique Training Opportunity
The National Protection and Programs Directorate Office of Infrastructure Protection within the U.S Department of Homeland Security, with support from Northeast Utilities, Berlin, CT, is holding a one-day Security Workshop to enhance response to and awareness of an active shooter event:
► Educating participants on the history of active shooter events.
► Describing common behavior, conditions, and situations associated with active shooters.
► Fostering communication between infrastructure owners and operators and local emergency response teams; this includes discussion of interoperability, communications protocols, and best practices for planning, preparedness, and response.
Building Emergency Planning Capabilities
The event will also describe how to incorporate key elements of successful incident management into planning efforts, including:
► Communicating with and accounting for employees;
► Building familiarity with local responders and knowing their capabilities;
► Coordinating with first responders before, during, and after an incident; and
► Integrating public affairs into incident management.
Scheduled for November 4th, 0830-1630 at the Auditorium at Northeast utilities, 107 Selden Street, Berlin, CT. 

Location: 107 Selden Street, Berlin, CT

8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Contact: Douglas J. Pesce
Email: douglas.j.pesce@hq.dhs.gov
Phone: 203-773-4637
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