DEMHS: School Security Program

Public Act 13-3 established a variety of programs and policy initiatives regarding School Safety and Security to be administered and/or developed by the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection-Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security.
School Safety and Security Plan Standards
Under Conn. Gen. Stat. Section 10-222m, each local and regional board of education must annually review and update, if necessary, its plans.  There is also a requirement that the plans be submitted annually to DESPP/DEMHS Regional Office.
School Security Competitive Grant Program (SSCGP)
Public Act 13-3 established the School Security Infrastructure Grant Program to assist individual Public and Non-Public Schools in improving security infrastructure. There currently are four open rounds of funding being administered - Round 1 (2013), Round 2 (2014), Round 3 (2017) and Round 4 (2018). In total $63 Million dollars has been obligated to School Security Infrastructure projects since 2013.
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Higher Education Plan Review
Established by Public Act 13-3, duties include the coordination of a safety and security review of every Higher Education campus in the state, reviews of completed safety and security audits and establishing a system for the annual submission to DESPP of emergency response plans from each institute of higher education and each private occupational school under state statute.
School Security Consultant Registry
The Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP) maintains this registry of consultants as a service to the school community. DESPP has not reviewed or approved the work of these consultants. Inclusion on the registry does not constitute any endorsement of the consultants on the list by  the State of Connecticut or DESPP.
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