DEMHS: Operations, Training and Exercise


The DEMHS OEM Operations, Training and Exercise (OTE) Unit, reporting to the State Emergency Management Director, works under the Incident Command System of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and includes the five DEMHS Regional Offices. This unit is also responsible for the Division Duty Officer Program.


Operations (OTE Unit)

A critical function of the OTE Unit is the operational coordination of the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC).  The OTE Unit coordinates and is responsible for:  monitoring of emergency situations as they develop and/or threaten communities; disseminating watches, warnings and emergency information to state agencies and local jurisdictions; the collection and consolidation of emergency related data and situation reports; assignment of tasks to state agencies and the deployment of state resources in a coordinated State response to support local emergency response operations; requesting and coordinating mutual aid assistance from other states through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC); providing situation analysis and reporting to FEMA Region1, and requesting and coordinating Federal assistance through FEMA Region I.

The DEMHS Duty Officer program, maintained by the OTE Unit, consists of three full time DEMHS employees. The Duty Officer monitors any significant incidents, adverse weather conditions and reports situational awareness and conditions to the Command Staff and Regional Coordinators for distribution to external partners. 

The Duty Officer can be reached at the following pager number (860)708-0821 or at

DEMHS Regional Offices

To support the regional model, DEMHS maintains five regional offices.  Regional Coordinators are the eyes and ears of DEMHS in the field serving as the primary interface with the local chief elected officials/ executive officers and emergency management directors.  The Regional Offices are also supported by Regional Planners and secretaries and Trainers reporting to the OTE Manager.

School Safety and Security Program

A School Safety and Security Program Team exists within the OTE unit. This program is supported by a Regional Coordinator and several staff members throughout the agency who are responsible for the work associated with implementation of certain sections of the Public Act.

Training and Exercise

The OTE Unit is responsible for the establishment of training programs and the development, delivery and evaluation of exercises, in accordance with Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program guidance.  The OTE staff works collaboratively with local, state, tribal and federal partners to coordinate and conduct training and exercises in accordance with the state strategic plan developed and maintained by DEMHS.  The substance of training and exercises is developed through the identification of local and regional needs, the DEMHS statewide strategy, and federal guidance.


Urban Search and Rescue


The OTE Unit is also responsible for the deployment of the Connecticut Urban Search and Rescue Team, which is a volunteer civil preparedness force, led by a part-time Coordinator and volunteer Task Force Leaders, trained to locate, extricate and preserve life in the event of any large-scale structural collapse, regardless of the cause.


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