DEMHS: Office of Emergency Management



The DEMHS Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is headed by the State Emergency Management Director, who is supported by the DEMHS legal advisor, DEMHS Public Information Officer (PIO), an Administrative Assistant, a Planning Manager, an Operations, Training and Exercise Manager, a Field Coordination Unit Manager, and a Strategic Planning and Community Preparedness Unit Manager.  The Director serves as state liaison to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).


The mission of this Office is to provide a coordinated, integrated program for state-wide emergency management, including strategic and operational all-hazards planning, community preparedness, exercise, training, and grants planning and management.  This mission includes the following:  coordinate and collaborate with state, local, federal, tribal, and private sector partners, as well as the public; to develop, maintain, exercise, and train on a comprehensive state-wide emergency management plan and program; direct and coordinate all available resources to protect the life and property of the residents of Connecticut in the event of a disaster or crisis, through a collaborative program of prevention, planning, preparedness, response, recovery, mitigation, and public education; maintain, operate, and oversee the Governorís State Emergency Operations Center; and administration of the Stateís Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) team.


OEM Units


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