DEMHS: Disaster Recovery


The DEMHS All Hazards Planning (AHP) Unit includes a Disaster Recovery section and a Hazard Mitigation section that works with other DEMHS personnel to facilitate preliminary damage assessments and Presidential Declaration requests, and then coordinates federal Public Assistance, Individual Assistance, and Hazard Mitigation disaster relief and mitigation funds for state, local, and special district governments, as well as eligible private, non-profit organizations and individuals. 

Disaster Assistance Programs
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Contact Information:

PA Officer: Dana Conover, 860-883-3904 (Cell)

Deputy PA Officer: Mark Scerra, 860-250-8285 (Cell)

Deputy PA Officer: Judy Pahl , 860-685-8543

Deputy PA Officer: Fran Prochaska. 860-685-8557

Fax Number: 860-685-8633

Contact Information:  

IA Officer:   Rita Stewart 860-685-8461

Fax Number: 860-685-8359

Deputy IA Officer: Ken Dumais 860-685-8151

Fax Number: 860-685-8359


Connecticut's Declared Disasters
Click here for a list of Connecticut's Federally Declared Disasters.


Recovery Links
Debris Management - Preparing for and responding to post-disaster debris management concerns.
CT Recovers - Building Community Resilience

Federal Procurement Training Videos

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