DEMHS: Connecticut Intelligence Center

Connecticut Intelligence Center


Connecticut Intelligence Center CTIC is the designated state fusion center, which is comprised of state, local and federal partners including the Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, Division of State Police, Department of Corrections, CT National Guard, Municipal police, FBI, U.S. Coast Guard, Office of the United States Attorney, and the federal Department of Homeland Security. Personnel from additional state agencies are available as subject matter experts and liaisons to assist as needed.


The CTIC serves to collect, evaluate, analyze and disseminate both criminal and terrorism-related intelligence to all law enforcement agencies in the State of Connecticut, and to disseminate pertinent, vetted information to authorized and appropriate agencies within the first responder and private sectors. CTIC takes an all-crimes approach to intelligence. CTIC acts as the primary conduit of information sharing for the State of Connecticut, both within the state and nationally. CTIC also endeavors to identify emerging threats and criminal trends and serves as a statewide central resource to effect intelligence sharing. CTIC operates under a privacy policy that is designed to, among other things, promote CTIC agency and user conduct that complies with applicable law and assists CTIC and its users in protecting individual privacy, civil rights, civil liberties, and other protected interests.

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