DEMHS: School Security Grant Program

School Security Competitive Grant Program

This page contains all of the necessary infomation and forms required for successfully implement School Security Competitive Grant Program year 2015 and 2016.

Public Act 16-171 has been signed by Governor Malloy, allowing for an extension of the School Security Competitive Grant Program performance period end date to 6/30/2017. Please see the attached memo from Deputy Commissioner William P. Shea for additional details on requesting an extension of your grant.

As of 5/8/2015, DESPP/DEMHS-SPCP is asking School Security Round 1 and Round 2 grantees to use the simplified reporting tools below. 

Reimbursement Request Forms:

          This form provides an overall summary of the  grant reimbursement request, including all necessary
          remittance information.  Please fill out this form electronically and print out for original signatures.

          This consolidated tool breaks down the funding between each school receiving funding under this
          grant program.  

Quarterly Monitoring: 

          The grantee must provide the grantor (DESPP/DEMHS) with quarterly status updates of its
          project progress.

Other Forms: 

          This form was located in the grant application and is a requirement for funding under this program.  
          Please click here to view this form.  (If you have already completed your emergency plan and
          have not submitted it to your regional coordinator, please submit to your DEMHS Regional Coordinator
          for review) 

          This full "Long Form" all hazards NCEF Checklist is required to be submitted prior to reimbursement. 
          (Please note that this is different from the shortened version in the grant application)


l School Security Plans (Request Template From your Program Manager)

Please submit all forms

electronically to

and by hard copy to:

Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection

Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security

Attn: Grant Unit, 3rd Floor North

1111 Country Club Road

Middletown, CT 06457

For assistance with the School Security Grant Program Forms, Please Email:

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