DEMHS: Telecommunications


Telecommunications is responsible for maintenance and operation of the many communications systems which support Emergency Management functions of State and Local Government.

DEMHS performs this function with the cooperation of various State and Local Agencies including the Department of Transportation, Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Public Health and Local Public Safety and Emergency Management agencies.

Interoperable Communications Executive Committee
ICALL-ITAC Command and Control Radio System

On Scene Tactical Channel System (STOCS)

Connecticut State-Wide Police Emergency Radio Network (CSPERN)

Current Interoperable Communications Projects
State and Federal Communications Plans and Reports
Connecticut Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)
FCC Region 19 New England, 700 MHz Planning Committee
Narrowbanding Resources
State of CT Requirements for UHF Medical Radios

Interoperable Communications Request Form
For Further Communications Information


  {Main Commo Room}  
One of our primary functions is the maintenance and operation of the State Emergency Operations Center(State EOC) located in the Hartford Armory.

CT DEMHS is part of the Federal National

Radio System (FNARS)  


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