DEMHS: Telecommunications

The DEMHS Field Support Coordination Unit, which reports to the State Emergency Management Director, performs a number of functions designed to enhance and support field operations, including statewide interoperable communications.  The Unit also provides direct communications from the State Emergency Operations Center to the five DEMHS Regional Offices and to every municipality in Connecticut as needed during a significant incident. This unit is responsible for internal logistics for the Division on a daily basis and during activations of the SEOC.




Interoperable Communications Executive Committee
ICALL-ITAC Command and Control Radio System

On Scene Tactical Channel System (STOCS)

Connecticut State-Wide Police Emergency Radio Network (CSPERN)

Current Interoperable Communications Projects
State and Federal Communications Plans and Reports
Connecticut Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)
FCC Region 19 New England, 700 MHz Planning Committee
Narrowbanding Resources
State of CT Requirements for UHF Medical Radios

Interoperable Communications Request Form
Interoperable Conventional Channel Gateway

Minimum P25 Shared Controller Trunked Radio Subscriber Requirements

Interoperable Encryption

Statewide P25 Unit Identification

For Further Communications Information




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