DEMHS: SPGA Contacts, Guidance, and Resources

SPGA Contacts, Guidance, and Resources  


Supervisor: Rita Stewart, 860-685-8461

Fax Number: 860-685-8359



Emergency Management Program Specialists:

Robert Drozynski, 860-685-8134

Doug Glowacki, 860-685-8469

Kenneth Dumais, 860-685-8151

Eric Scoville, 860-685-8195


Grant Guidance
Maintenance and Sustainment Costs for Preparedness Grant Funded Equipment New!

Volunteer Responder Stipend Policy

Equipment Guidance

Cash Advance Request Form and Instructions

Interoperable Communications Request Guidance



DEMHS Region Map

FEMA Grant Information

DHS Technical Assistance Catalog
Responder Knowledge Database

Program Management & Grant Administration 

Grant Program Information

Grant Reporting Forms

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