DEMHS: Grant Reporting Forms

Generator Grant Forms
Application Package - Package of forms needed to apply for the grant

Generator Grant Financial Tool - Use this form to apply for the grant and to seek reimbursement

FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions  

Grant Reporting Forms
Point of Contact Form - Indicates the municipal contact for DEMHS grant programs

Forms for Sub-Grantees

Standard Grant Forms

Cash Advance Form - To be submitted quarterly or as may be necessary so long as all grant

                              reporting requirements have been satisfied 
Interoperable Communications Request Form - To be used for all communications requests (except

                                                              High Band Radios)
Equipment/Property Inventory Form - To be submitted upon completion of the grant program

2019 Nuclear Safety Emergency Program - Budget Form
NSEP Allocation and Budget Request Form - To be submitted when applying for funding. 

NOTE: Please save the form to your computer before opening.

NSEP Advisory Bulletin for FY 2019 - Provides guidance on eligible costs and the NSEP Program

2016 Emergency Management Performance Grant - Required Forms


EMPG 2016 Grant Application Package - No Longer Available

Reimbursement Request Form - To be submitted when making a reimbursement request.
Volunteer Time Report - To be used for volunteer EMD's and Support Staff

Mileage Report - To be used when claiming eligible mileage (Not for Routine Commuting to Work)
Financial Tool - Each Financial Tool is Town Specific.  Please contact your DEMHS Regional Coordinator for a copy of your Financial Tool.

Emergency Management Performance Grant - Optional Forms for 2015 - 2017

Emergency Management Director Job Description - For New EMD's

Deputy Emergency Management Director Job Description - For New Deputy EMD's

Emergency Management Secretary Job Description - For New Secretary's

Transcript Request Form Use when requesting a training transcript from EMI

Loyalty Oath Form - Used when swearing in local Emergency Management Staff


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