DEMHS: Strategic Planning and Community Preparedness Unit


The Strategic Planning and Community Preparedness Unit, reports concurrently to the State Emergency Management Director and the Fiscal Administration of DESPP. The chief programmatic responsibilities of SPCP Unit includes; collaborate with the OTE and AHP Units on oversight and direction for the regional collaboration planning initiative, which established Regional Emergency Planning Teams in each of the five DEMHS regions. SPCP staff coordinate in the execution of regional spending plans that address identified preparedness and planning needs; SPCP staff support the DEMHS Advisory Councilís Regional Collaboration Committee; expansion of the Emergency Management Performance Grant, which continues to provide critical resources to municipal emergency management programs; collaborate with the Field Support Coordination Unit, including executing interoperable communications programs such as the State Tactical On-Scene Communications System (STOCS), and collaborate with the AHP Unit to administer federal disaster assistance programs to state and local governments, eligible non-profit organizations and individuals. DEMHS staff members also work with other states, as well as the Eastern Provinces of Canada, to provide coordinated, collaborative emergency planning and preparedness.

The Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP) is the State Administrative Agency (SAA) for Homeland Security Grant funding. 


Strategic Planning and Community Preparedness Programs and Resources


Federally Funded Programs
This federal funding directly supports the emergency management community.  This critical assistance sustains and enhances state and local emergency management capabilities.

This program provides funding to reduce or prevent damage from natural disasters such as flooding and high winds.  HMGP funding is available following a presidentially declared disaster.

Homeland Security Grant Program
This federal funding enables states to prepare for, prevent, and respond to terrorist attacks and other major disasters. 

This program provides funding to support non-profit security infrastructure within the community.


State/Private Funded Programs
Nuclear Safety Emergency Program

This program provides funding for the Radiological Emergency Preparedness and Response Program.

This program provides public and non-public schools with funding to improve security infrastructure.

This program consists of funding approved by OPM for public safety and emergency management infrastructure improvements at the local level (STEAP, Grants-In-Aid etc.). All funding decisions and applications are handled by the Office of Policy and Management.

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