DEMHS: Division of Strategic Planning and Grant Administration

Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security

Strategic Planning and Grant Administration


The mission of Strategic Planning & Grant Administration (SPGA) is to provide strategic and all-hazards planning, program design and development, facilitation, administration, coordination and financial management for risk-based programs to enhance Connecticut’s emergency/disaster prevention, response, protection and recovery capabilities.

The Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP) is the State Administrative Agency (SAA) for Homeland Security Grant funding (beginning Federal Fiscal Year 2004).  Since the agency’s inception in 2005, DEMHS has administered more than $215 million in grant funding and disaster assistance to enhance homeland security and all-hazard preparedness across the state.


By pairing grant dollars with homeland security and emergency management programs, SPGA helps to further the agency’s mission of directing and coordinating all available resources to protect the life and property of the citizens of Connecticut in the event of a disaster or crisis.


SPGA Contacts, Guidance and Resources

Program Management and Grant Administration

Grant Program Information

Regionalization Initiative

Grant Reporting Forms

Disaster Assistance Programs

Plans and Planning Guidance

Planning Guides

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