DEEP: New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers (NEG/ECP)

NEG/ECP Regional Climate Change Initiative
Eleven states and provinces within the New England Governorís and Eastern Canadian Premiers (NEG/ECP) region are working to develop a Regional Climate Change Action Plan to be submitted to the NEG/ECP at its 41st conference in 2017. The Regional Climate Change Action Plan is a follow up to the regionalís 2001 Regional Climate Action Plan and will fulfill the requirements of Resolution 39-1, which set a 2030 regional greenhouse gas reduction maker range of 35-45 percent below 1990 levels. As part of this effort, the New England states are seeking comments on the proposed regional actions. Stakeholder feedback will help inform the Regional Climate Change Action Plan.
To enable a broad range of stakeholder inputó and hence expand the breadth of experience and expertise feeding into the final regional climate plan ó the New England states have coordinated with CONEG to make the following resources available, including an introductory webinar, a suggestion ďdropbox,Ē and reference documents describing the items regional GHG reduction measures under consideration.
Please check out the CONEG website for updates, announcements and other information throughout the spring & summer of 2017.