DEEP: Water Conservation & Energy Efficiency

Water Conservation & Energy Efficiency
Connecticut is currently experiencing drought conditions. 
Coupled with very hot summers, Connecticut's abnormally low precipitation for the past three years has resulted in drought conditions statewide.  It is important that we all are conscious of how we use our water, and make smart decisions to reduce wastefulness of this vital natural resource.  Stay up to date on your county's drought stage.
Water for our homes and businesses often is pumped.  Pumps use electricity, so, by conserving water, you can also reduce energy consumption and lower energy expenses.  Some simple actions you can take include:
  • Use a cup instead of running water while brushing your teeth.
  • Take shorter showers.
  • Install water efficient shower fixtures. 
  • Turn off water when soaping.
  • Use dishwasher only when full.
  • Run wash machine only with full load of clothes.
  • Do not water lawn every day (no need for it). 
  • Check all water appliances, especially toilets and faucets, for leaks. 
  • When buying new appliances look for the EPA's Watersense label and ENERGY STAR® qualified appliances (i.e. washing machine front load vs. top load).
  • Participate in an Energize CT Home Energy Solutions energy assessment and receive low-flow, energy and water conserving faucet fixtures!
For more ideas how to save water and deciding which actions will help you make the greatest impact on our environment, visit the Department of Public Health's Drinking Water Page
Content last modified December, 2016