DEEP: Combined Heat and Power Systems

Combined Heat and Power Systems (CHP)

Combined heat and power (CHP) – also known as cogeneration – is an efficient, clean and reliable way to generate electricity and heat from a single fuel source. Gas turbines, microturbines, reciprocating engines, steam turbines and fuel cells are examples of commercially available technologies that can be applied in CHP system configurations. Installing a CHP system to meet your facility’s thermal and electrical base loads can significantly increase operational efficiency while lowering energy costs and reducing emissions.

The Connecticut Green Bank (formally CEFIA) Programs Supporting CHP Deployment

CHP Projects Pilot Program (offered pursuant to Public Act 11-80, Section 103, as revised by Public Act 12-2, Section 156(a))

CT Green Bank CHP Projects Pilot Program provides individual awards equivalent to up to $450/kW to promote the development of CHP systems with a capacity rating of 5 MW or less in either CL&P’s or UI’s service territory.  seeks proposals for grants, loans, loan enhancements or power purchase incentives to help developers finance the cost of CHP projects. The value of each individual award will vary based on the specific technology, efficiency and economics of the CHP installation. CT Green Bank selects qualifying CHP projects of up to a maximum of 50 MW of capacity for the entire three-year period of the CHP Projects Pilot Program.

For more information on CT Green Banks’s CHP Projects Pilot Program, go to

CHP projects may be subject to environmental permits. Developers of CHP projects are urged to contact The Office of the Ombudsman at (860) 424-3003, or go to:

Where to Begin - DEEP's Environmental Permitting Process

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Content last updated September 2, 2016