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Featured articles from the Wildlife Division's bimonthly magazine, Connecticut Wildlife.
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January/February 2019
November/December 2018
Be Bear Aware CT Wildlife (PDF)
Ticks, Deer, and Diseases CT Wildlife (PDF)
September/October 2018
July/August 2018
A Dedicated Actor CT Wildlife (PDF)
Don Hopkins Remembered CT Wildlife (PDF)
May/June 2018
Burning for Wildlife CT Wildlife (PDF)
Keeping Track of Bears CT Wildlife (PDF)
Robbins Swamp WMA Expands CT Wildlife (PDF)
March/April 2018
Kestrel Stewardship Program CT Wildlife (PDF)
Cutting Trees for Wildlife CT Wildlife (PDF)
January/February 2018
March/April 2017
January/February 2017
March/April 2016
The Osprey Indicator CT Wildlife (PDF)
January/February 2016
September/October 2015
Monarchs in the News CT Wildlife (PDF)
A Blue Frog in Connecticut CT Wildlife (PDF)
July/August 2015
2015 Spring Turkey Harvest CT Wildlife (PDF)

March/April 2015
A Decade of Swift Conservation with the Wildlife Action Plan  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Nest Boxes Making a Difference for American Kestrels  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Recent Connecticut Deer Program Activities  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Mapping Populations of 17-Year Periodical Cicadas  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Discarded Tires and Mosquitoes: A Quality of Life and Public Health Perspective  CT Wildlife (PDF)
2015 a Banner Year for the Midwinter Bald Eagle Survey  CT Wildlife (PDF)

January/February 2015
A Habitat Management Paradox: Invasive Trees at Charles Island Are Both Good and Bad  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Going Back in Time  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Coastal Wildlife Habitat Management at Stewart B. McKinney National Wildlife Refuge  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Restoring a True Coastal Preserve in Southeastern CT  CT Wildlife (PDF)

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