DEEP: Water Diversion Reporting

Water Diversion Reporting


Holders of consumptive diversion permits are required to file annual water diversion reports as a condition of their permit. 

The preferred method for reporting water use by permit holders is to use the Excel form available below.  Once completed for an entire yearly reporting cycle, the form should be printed, signed and then scanned as a "PDF" document.  Separate forms should be completed for each authorized diversion as described in the permit.  Then, attach this signed and scanned water use reporting form, the original completed Excel water use reporting form (for department database usage), and any other scanned annual report documentation if applicable, along with the Water Diversion Reporting Transmittal Form available below, and email all to  File size limitation may apply. 

Water Use Reporting Form:  2017 Annual Water Use Reporting Form (Excel)
                                         2018 Annual Water Use Reporting Form (Excel)
Water Diversion Reporting Transmittal Form - Word Version    PDF Version

If electronic submittal is not possible, mail hardcopy of your annual report package as described above to:

Director, DEEP Water Planning and Management Division, 79 Elm Street, Hartford, CT 06109 

Holders of registered water diversions are subject to the annual water use reporting requirements of Section 22a-368a of the Connecticut General Statutes pending the development and public notification of a form for reporting.  As of October 2017, a reporting form for registered water diversions is not yet available.  All holders of registered water diversions are requested to maintain daily logs of their water use, including hours of operation, rates of withdrawal, frequency of use, and daily total volume diverted.


If you were required to obtain a permit for a non-consumptive use, such as a stream channel alteration, culvert, or pond dredging, please consult your permit for any reporting or notice requirements. 

If you operate a consumptive diversion where water is withdrawn and removed from its native location, but withdraw less than 50,000 gallons of water during any 24-hour period and will not exceed that daily volume, you are exempt from the requirements of the Water Diversion Policy Act and not required to report.

Discontinued Diversions

Please contact the DEEP Water Planning and Management Division at (860) 424-3704 if you have permanently discontinued your registered or permitted diversion so that we may update our records.

Historical Diversion Reporting Information

Section 22a-368a of the Connecticut General Statutes was added in 2002 to require individuals or corporations who divert greater than 50,000 gallons of water during any 24-hour period to report information about their diversion(s) to DEEP.  That section required those who registered their diversion(s) as well as those who did not register or did not obtain a needed permit for their diversion(s) to report water use data for the years 1997-2001.  An amnesty was granted to unauthorized diverters who reported and also submitted Diversion Permit applications by July 1, 2003.  In response to this requirement, the Department received a considerable amount of water use data.  The reported data exists on individual Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets and is available by calling the Water Planning and Management Division at (860) 424-3704.  The 2004 Amendment to Section 22a-368a requires registrants to report annually on an ongoing basis and will be initiated upon the publication of a notice of availability of a form for reporting.

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