DEEP: Notice of Intent to Conduct a Triennial Review of Water Quality Standards

Notice of Intent To Conduct a Triennial Review of Water Quality Standards
April 16, 2009, revised July 15, 2009
The public comment period for CT DEP's Triennial Review of Water Qualty Standards closed on July 31, 2009.   Please see the following note from Paul Stacey, DEP's Planning and Standards Division Director in the Water Protection and Land Reuse Bureau. 
The Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection is providing notice of its intent to initiate a review of Connecticut’s Water Quality Standards (“WQS”).  This review is being conducted to evaluate the need to update or revise the WQS in order to remain consistent with State and federal law and to ensure that Connecticut’s WQS continue to reflect the best available science and support sound water quality management policies to improve and protect the water resources of the state.
With this notice the Department is soliciting input from all interested parties on any aspect of the WQS that a person believes the Department should consider for potential revision. The comment should include the matter at issue, whether it is currently covered by the WQS, and if so where, any suggested revision and the basis for the suggested revision. Any technical information or reports supporting the comment should be included. While the Department will accept comments on any provision of the WQS, the Department is particularly interested in comments on the following areas that the Department is currently considering revising: the anti-degradation provisions of the WQS, dissolved oxygen criteria for marine waters, a nutrient control implementation strategy and updating the criteria for toxic pollutants.
The following is working draft language, for specific revisions, proposed by CT DEP:
The DEP is considering incorporating this strategy into the WQS, as an appendix to provide guidance and clarification, regarding implementation of WQS Numbers 8, 18, 19, and 20, as they appear in the current WQS.
The following document provides the scientific basis and supporting water quality analysis used by DEP in developing the Strategy. Fact sheets providing facility-specific data and analysis results for each municipal sewage treatment facility that was allocated a seasonal phosphorus load as part of the Strategy are provided as an appendix to the document.
Connecticut’s current WQS are available below. The Department will maintain a list of those submitting comments for consideration along with their comments. Comments should include the name and address of the commenter and be submitted no later than July 31, 2009, for consideration during this triennial review.  Comments should be submitted to
The Department expects to complete its review of the WQS, including any comments received in response to this notice, and begin the process of formally revising the WQS towards the end of 2009. Any revisions to the Water Quality Standards will be adopted pursuant to section 426(b) of the Connecticut General Statutes. Prior to adoption, notice of any proposed revisions will be published and a public hearing will be held to receive formal comment on those proposed revisions. Final action to adopt any revisions and submission of those revisions to the federal Environmental Protection Agency is anticipated by the middle of 2010.
 Current Water Quality Standards 
Comments Received from: 
Connecticut Water Quality Standards
Alkylphenols & Ethoxylates Research Council
Judith Brideau
CT Fund for the Environment
Groton Open Space Association
Norwalk River Watershed Association
Rivers Alliance preliminary comments
Sharon Sewer Water Commission
Richard Weisberg (plus attachment)
Town of Newtown
Rivers Alliance additional comments
Sigrun Gadwa (USGS study: WRIR 99-4173 appended)
Regional Water Authority
Richard Canavan
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