DEEP: Lakes and Ponds

Lakes and Ponds


2015 Grants to Municipalities for the Control of Aquatic Invasive Species (Deadline - November 9, 2015) 

Lake Water Quality

Blue-Green Algae Blooms

Nuisance Aquatic Vegetation Management (PDF)

Aquatic Pesticide Application Permit Program Fact Sheet - regulates the use of any chemicals when proposed to be introduced into the waters of the state, whether public or private, for control of aquatic organisms. These organisms are usually water weeds or algae, but could include mosquitoes or unwanted fish.


A Fisheries Guide to Lakes and Ponds of Connecticut

Boating General Information

Caring for Our Lakes - Overview of watershed and in-lake management methods

DEEP Watershed Management

Surface Water Quality

Phosphorus Reduction Strategy for Inland Non-Tidal Waters