DEEP: Solid Waste Management Plan

State of Connecticut
Solid Waste Management Plan
Amended December 2006

On December 20, 2006, the then DEP Commissioner Gina McCarthy approved amendments to the state’s  Solid Waste Management Plan. The amendments are comprehensive, replacing the existing State Solid Waste Management Plan dated 1991. The Plan examines the state of solid waste management in Connecticut; establishes goals and objectives; identifies problems and barriers; and outlines strategies for achieving the goals. The Plan will serve as the basis for solid waste management planning and decision-making for a twenty year planning horizon. Within the next five years Connecticut will focus on implementing the higher priority strategies listed in the Plan.

The Department has established a State Solid Waste Management Advisory Committee to help guide implementation of the Plan. All interested public/stakeholders are encouraged to become members.

The Plan was developed in conjunction with a diverse stakeholder group. An initial public stakeholder forum was conducted in June of 2005, and an External Stakeholders Committee was formed consisting of stakeholders from government, regional solid waste management authorities, the solid waste management industry, the recycling sector, community and environmental organizations, and businesses/generators. The External Stakeholders Committee met regularly to advise the Department on the content of the Plan.

The extensive public participation in the development of the final plan, included a public comment period, public informational meetings, and public hearings where members of the public provided comments on the Proposed Amendments to the Solid Waste Management Plan July 2006. The Hearing Officer’s Report includes: 1) a summary of how the final amendments differ from the proposed amendments and the reasons therefore, and 2) the principal considerations raised in opposition to the proposed amendments and the reasons for rejecting any such considerations.

The Plan advocates shared responsibility for changing the balance of solid waste management and calls for a reinvigoration of efforts to transform our solid waste management system from one based mostly on disposal to one based on resource management. Everyone producing solid waste, and that includes all of us, needs to be more aware of the ramifications of actions and decisions and take more responsibility for the waste produced. We need to shift away from a "throwaway society," toward a system that promotes a reduction in the generation and toxicity of the trash we produce and dispose through increased source reduction, reuse, and recycling. We must further ensure that what waste remains, will be disposed in an efficient, equitable, and environmentally protective manner.

Achieving this vision will require everyone in Connecticut, including citizens, businesses, institutions, lawmakers, and government, to make wise decisions regarding the management of our wastes. Working together we can implement real change and make a difference. The State Solid Waste Management Plan provides the foundation for the work that must be done to best manage our solid waste in a socially, economically, and environmentally responsible manner

The Plan and other related documents are available below:

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