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Solid Waste Management in Connecticut

{SW Management Heirarchy} Through State legislation Section 22a-228(b) Connecticut has formally adopted an integrated waste management hierarchy as a guiding framework for solid waste management efforts. Connecticut’s system adheres to this hierarchy by emphasizing source reduction, recycling, composting, and energy recovery from solid waste, while relying on landfill disposal and incineration as a last resorts.

The DEEP has adopted a statewide Solid Waste Management Plan which will serve as the basis for Connecticut’s solid waste management planning and decision making through FY2024.  Critical to the successful implementation of the Plan is the State Solid Waste Management Advisory Committee created to assist the Department in implementing the Plan, identify emerging issues and solutions, and to participate in any revisions to the Plan as necessary.  As well, the May 2010 Solid Waste Composition and Characterization Study will help us better target waste disposal and diversion efforts and estimate associated costs for managing the waste stream.

Please explore the solid waste web pages below to learn more about solid waste management in Connecticut.  Questions can be directed to the Solid Waste Office at 860-424-3366.  If you know the name of the DEEP employee who can help you, use the staff finder.

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   Transforming Solid Waste Management Into a Materials Economy

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