DEEP: Corrective Action and Financial Assurance Links

RCRA Corrective Action and Financial Assurance Links

RCRA Corrective Action Links

EPA Webpage "Learn about Corrective Action"
A description of the RCRA Corrective Action Program and links for further information.

EPA Region 1 (New England) Corrective Action Web Page
Information about Corrective Action in EPA Region 1, including EPA contacts.

EPA Region 1 (New England) Web Page "Cleaning Up in New England"
Lists and maps of cleanup sites in New England (including Corrective Action sites).

CT DEEP RCRA Program Description for Corrective Action in Connecticut
Corrective Action section (Section VII) begins on page 39 of the PDF.

Memorandum of Agreement between EPA Region 1 and CT DEEP Regarding CT's Authorized RCRA program
Corrective Action section (Section VI) starts on page 13 of the PDF.

RCRA Cleanup Policies and Guidance
EPA web page with links to various RCRA cleanup policies and guidance.

RCRA Corrective Action Enforcement Considerations 
EPA web page describing various enforcement considerations with respect to corrective action, including public participation, Environmental Justice, cleanup program coordination, expediting cleanup, and brownfields redevelopment. 

EPA’s 2003 Guidance on Completion of Corrective Action Activities at RCRA Facilities

CT DEEP Stewardship Permits for Site-wide Cleanup and Performance of Long-term  Activities at RCRA Facilities

RCRA Financial Assurance Links

Financial assurance (or financial responsibility) for corrective action is the demonstration (proof) that adequate funds will be available when needed to undertake the necessary cleanup at a RCRA treatment, storage, and disposal facility (TSDF).

Financial Assurance for Closure, Post-Closure and Corrective Action    DEEP web page with information on Financial Assurance requirements for sites that are subject to RCRA Closure, Post Closure, and/or Corrective Action.  Includes financial assurance instrument formats and cost estimate guidance.

Financial Assurance for Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facilities
EPA web page that indicates who is subject to financial assurance requirements and providing links for further information.

2006 RCRA Corrective Action National Conference Presentation
PowerPoint Presentation providing an overview of RCRA Subpart H Financial Assurance Requirements. 

April 2003 EPA Enforcement Alert 
EPA Bulletin about financial assurance requirements.

Interim Guidance for Implementing Financial Responsibility for Corrective Action

EPA memo dated September 30, 2003 on financial responsibility for Corrective Action facilities.

Agency Contacts for Financial Assurance:

Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection:

United States Environmental Protection Agency, Region 1:

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