DEEP: UST Clean-Up Account Program

Underground Storage Tank Petroleum Clean-Up Program

The Connecticut Underground Storage Tank (UST) Petroleum Clean-up Program is being phased out and applications cannot be accepted.  The Department has received the last currently authorized bond fund allocation, bringing the total to $36 million allocated for reimbursement. Approximately $21 million of the $36 million has already been reimbursed to applicants. {Chart showing reimbursement and financial responsbility timeline}

Information Regarding 2012 Program Changes 

Overview of Changes


Application Processing

Eligibility and Limits

Definition of Terms

The 2018 Reverse Auction for submission of payment elections has ended.

Payment Priority
Within each applicant category, priority for payment is: 
  • Small Station, Municipal, Other Applicants: based upon the date payment was ordered (oldest first).  If payments were ordered on the same date, priority will be given to the earliest application.
  • Large and Mid-size Station Applicants: based upon the applicant with the lowest reduced payment election being paid first.  If applicants have chosen the same reduced payment election, then priority is given by the date payment was ordered (oldest first).  If payments were ordered on the same date, then priority will be given to the earliest application.
The legislation authorized the State Bond Commission to approve $36 million ($9 million a year for four years) for payments to applicants. Funds are divided evenly and distributed to:
  1. Municipal and Other Applicant
  2. Small Station Applicants
  3. Mid-size Station Applicants
  4. Large Station Applicants
If there are remaining funds in any category and no pending awards or applications in that category, funds may be redistributed for use in other categories in the order listed above.  To ensure the use of authorized funds, monies will also be redistributed if, based on the results of the reverse auction, no payments can be made to large station applicants and/or mid-size station applicants or funds remain after taking into account all potential payments to such applicants in that fiscal year.
For further information please contact the UST Petroleum Clean-up Program at
(860) 424-3370 or e-mail the Program Coordinator

Content Last Updated August 2, 2018