DEEP: Adopt a Park - Cockaponset State Forest - Weber Woods

Cockaponset State Forest - Weber Woods
{Weber Woods}
Under the organization of Chuck Sharples, Weber Woods adopting volunteers from the  Lower Connecticut River Valley Horsemenís Club (LCRVHC) joined forces with members of the New England Mountain Biking Association (NEMBA), the Connecticut Forests and Parks Association (CFPA), and the Bridle Path Conservancy (BPC) on 2015 Trails Day. The event was attended by over 25 volunteers who trimmed brush, cut hanging tree limbs and repainted trail blazes.
Marlisa Simonson welcomed and directed everyone upon arrival. A delicious potluck lunch was a well-deserved reward shared by all at the end of a strenuous morning.
{Weber Woods}
We thank Marlisa Simonson, Chuck Sharples, Pat Pleines, Cheryl Kosky, Gloria and Tom Elliott, Marty Max, Gus Marx, Howard Tunick, Henry Graulty (adopting volunteer of Chatfield Hollow), Melissa Evarts, Bob Cameron, Alyce Mallek, Emily Berman, Alexandra Webb, Jacqueline Webb, Kristin Elliottles, Mark R. Leas, Rebecca Ziobron, Jennifer Asbury, Laurie Giannotti, Robert Butterworth, Barbara White and Sue Cornell for their service, dedication and for making it a successful event.  In all, over 130 hours of service were kindly donated to make the well attended event a successful one.