DEEP: Adopt a Park - Haddam Meadows State Park Volunteers & Accomplishments

Haddam Meadows State Park
{Cheryl Czuba}
Cheryl E. Czuba is a retired educator and nature lover who is also experienced in removal of invasive species of plants and management of volunteer groups.
A video shared on State Representative Sam Slade’s page, filmed during the latest invasive removal event in late September 2017:

We want to thank our wonderful team of volunteers for their successful 2017 events for invasive species removal at Haddam Meadows State Park. Kraig Gray(took photo and in baseball cap), Cheryl Czuba, Gregory Krom, James Woodworth, Mary Lou Heger, Jamie Burgess and Amanda Yourse. Kneeling is Henry Graulty.

Our Haddam Meadows adopting volunteers started 2015 with ravenous energy to eradicate invasives along the parking lot areas.
We thank our self-proclaimed “park rats” and invincible leaders Cherry Czuba, Susy Oehl and Mary Lou Heger for organizing two successful events in 2015. Over 100 hours of service were donated even before the season officially started!
{Haddam Meadows Accomplishments}

We appreciate the help of Coast Guard Cadets James Mueller, Timothy Early, Joel Geist, Nicolas DelToro, Thomas Dalton III, Andrew Campbell, Audrey Florence, Elliot Vanderen, Derek Victory, Tyler Fassett, Dominick Summers, Adam Welzant, Taylor Salzbene and John Frank for their help cleaning up debris for miles along the river, removing invasives and for honorably helping with everything they were asked to do.
{Coast Guard Cadets}

We want to thank Cheryl Czuba for organizing a group of volunteers to remove invasive bittersweet plants from a picnic area in Haddam Meadows State Park on Saturday, April 12, 2014.

We had religious and political leaders of the community of Haddam work along vigorous residents for two hours to restore the natural beauty of the area.

They include: Rev. David Stickney, Terry Belisle, Barbara Glista, Jamie Burgess, Vic Marek, Cindy Tillson, Mike Piscopiello, Allan Stokke, Former State Senator Ed Munster, Former First Selectwoman Marge Debold, First Selectwoman Melissa Schlag, Ed Schwing, Editor of The Haddam Bulletin, Mary Lou Heger, Mark Stephens, Michael Burns, Kelly Burns, James Shahrigias, Judith Munster, Marjorie W DeBold, Mark Stephens, Adopting Volunteer and Event Organizer Cherry Czuba, and event Co-Organizer Susan Oehl.
  {Removal of Invansive Plants}  Our volunteers walked up to this.
  {Voluntters Removing Invasive Plants} They started working promptly upon arrival at the site.
{Volunteers Removing Invasive Plants} The team worked for two hours.
{Invasive Bittersweet Plant Removed} At the end, the environmental warriors had conquered the invasive bittersweet brush!