DEEP: Adopt a Park - Chatfield Hollow SP Volunteers & Accomplishments

Chatfield Hollow State Park
Cheryl Buckley is a certified Advanced Master Gardener focusing on invasive, aquatic species. She also holds a certification in the Master Wildlife Conservation Program, and is a trail maintenance leader for the Thendara Mountain Club at Harriman State Park in New York.

She will be helping us in the park’s nature center, and removing aquatic weeds in the swimming area.
{Cheryl Buckley}
Brien Roscetti is a member of the Ragged Mountain Foundation, which takes care of the Ragged Mountain area in Southington.

He is a certified rock climbing instructor experienced in rescue, tree work, and wilderness first aid. He will be helping us keep our trails clean in the park.
{Brien Roscetti}
{Chatfield State Park}

On September 15, 2015 Cheryl Buckley Martina Jakober, Jack Swanberg, and 3 year old Merrick Jakober cleared more aquatic invasives from the beach at the park. We thank them for their very noticeable efforts.

{Chatfield Hollow}
Under the coordination and direction of Cheryl Buckley, the first aquatic invasive removal event of 2015 at Chatfield Hollow SP took place on Sunday, June 7. Over 50 collective hours were kindly donated by all.
We thank Henry Graulty (who also helped us at Weber Woods just the day before), Cheryl Buckley, Jack Swanberg, Mike Viera, Representative Jesse MacLachlan (35th Dist.), Vicky Thompson, Steve Kelly, Kim Kelly, Ashley Kelly, Emily DelGrago, Timothy Buckley, Holden Buckley, Spencer Buckley and Matthew Pollak.
{Chatfield State Park}
Representative Jesse MacLachlan (35th Dist.) and his assistant Mike Viera adopted Chatfield Hollow State Park and joined the crew of adopting volunteers at the site removing aquatic invasives from the swimming area at their park. We thank them for their support and service.