DEEP: Adopt a Park - Bluff Point State Park and Coastal Reserve Volunteers & Accomplishments

Bluff Point State Park and Coastal Reserve
We are always thrilled when members of our military offer to help us maintain our parks.
This 2015 season, sailors from the Naval Branch Health Clinic in the US Submarine Base in Groton donated 35 collective hours of service on their first day alone!
From left to right: Nikolas Wendorf, Group Leader, Ron Laganzon, Maclean Kumi, Jose Ruizmejia, Adam Guida, Francis Sy, Kamal Green
{Bluff Point Volunteers}
Allicia Greenburgos encouraged coworkers from the NBHC Groton Sub Base to adopt Bluff Point. Not only will they will be clearing overgrown, woody brushes along the main trail, but also hope to help us maintain historic, Fort Griswold as well. {Bluff Point SP Navy Volunteers}
{Navy Group} US NAVY sailors STS1 Strapezon, STS1 Garrison, YN2 Cliber, STS2 Starborough, LS2 Hill, STS1 Kersey, ET1 Clemons, ET2 Lanclos, ET2 Hogan, STS2 Furrow, ET1 Raymond, ET1 Gaglio and LS2 Irons adopted the beautiful coastal reserve, and will be clearing trails blocked by overgrown invasive species.
{Bluff Point Volunteers}
The Naval Branch Health Clinic team started removing invasives and widening a densely overgrown trail.
Thanks to their dedication, commitment and service, the trail will be safer and more accessible to visitors.
{Bluff Point Volunteers}  
{Beggining of Trail at Bluff Point}   {Clearing Trail}
  {Volunteers Removing Tree on Trail}  
{Removing Second Tree on Trail} {Volunteers Clearing Trail}
Thanks to the US Navy sailors who adopted Bluff Point State Park and Coastal Reserve.  This group cut back three feet of overgrown brush from both sides of the main trail and a side trail and removed downed trees and branches  in the trails. This effort has made our trails safer and much more passable for park visitors.