DEEP: Adopt a Park - Wadsworth Falls State Park Volunteers and Accomplishments

Wadsworth Falls State Park
{Anthony Moran} Anthony Moran is a resident of Middletown and a high school student who will be helping us keep beautiful Wadsworth Falls clean.
Cub Scout Pack 43, represented by leaders Jim Carlson and Lisa Ducharme, hope to earn many badges as they serve and maintain their community’s beautiful park. In addition to their volunteer service, they plan to hold meetings and spend days of fun at their site {Cub Scout Pack 43}
{Shaun Hines and Steven Leitao} Shaun Hines and Steven Leitao from the Community Partners in Action’s SOAR (Seeing Our Abilities Realized) program will lead groups of youth to help us clean and maintain the Big Falls, picnic and parking areas at the site.
We asked Wajid Abrar and his teenage son Ahmed to help us pick up litter on Sunday evenings and Monday mornings at the park, when the need is greatest. They kindly expressed their availability to help us. {Wajid and Ahmed Abrar}
{Norman Paradis} Norman Paradis is a resident of Portland. He acquired experience identifying and removing invasive weeds on his personal property, and will be helping us maintain various areas of the park. He has kindly committed to visiting his site in the afternoons after work or during the weekends, once a week.
Rebecca Phelan is a resident of Middletown, and a neighbor of her park.

An outdoor enthusiast, she loves riding her bike and has set out time from her busy work schedule to maintain the beautiful falls at this park.
{Rebecca Phelan}
{Group of Scout Volunteers} {Litter on Ground at Wadsworth Falls}
{Scouts Picking Up Litter} {Scout Picking Up Litter Under Bush}
{Scouts Working as a Team}
A "Big Thank You!" to members of Middletown Cub Scout Pack 43 for their help at Wadsworth Falls State Park. This group picked up every piece of litter that they found along the hiking trails and under the bushes by the “Big Falls”.