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Connecticut State Parks - Lifeguard Program

{Indian Well State Park}
{Conducting foot patrol survelliance at Sherwood Island.}
{Lifeguard set up on tower at Hammonassett.}
{Lifeguard Program}
{Mock rescue at Sherwood Island}
{Lifeguards practicing CPR in a mock rescue drill.}
{Lifeguard using the rescue board to make a mock rescue.}
{Guards working together to lift mock rescue victim.}
{Mock Rescue at Rocky Neck}
{Lifeguard Program}
{Lifeguards practicing a water rescue using a training mannequin.}
{Deep water backboarding drill.}
{Bringing a mock rescue victim to shore on the backboard.}
{vertical line} Type of Work
Lifeguards for the State Parks conduct surveillance of certain designated swimming areas, administer first aid, and perform beach-related maintenance work. For more information and to see if you qualify, view the Job Description and the Job Requirements.
Work Schedule
In general, certain designated swimming areas are guarded from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. All lifeguards are expected to work weekends and holidays from Memorial Day to Labor Day, typically 40 hours per week.
The Program
Throughout the summer, lifeguards receive continuous inservice training which includes daily physical training and weekly technical life-saving training in accordance with American Red Cross standards. 
Public Relations and Appearance
Our lifeguards represent not only the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection, but also the State of Connecticut to several million visitors each season. Good public relations are a vital part of this job. Lifeguards are expected be professional at all times when on duty.

Training and Qualification

Current certification in American Red Cross ("ARC") Lifeguarding is required for hire as a lifeguard for the State Parks. In addition, applicants must either have current certification in the "Waterfront Skills module" or successfully complete the prerequisites for this module at a pre-season training session. Details on pre-season training will be given when your application is accepted. 
For more information on the ARC certification process and to find local classes, please check their website:

Map of State Parks that Hire Seasonal Lifeguards

State Parks that Hire Lifeguards {Map of Parks That Hire Lifeguards}

Park Number Park Name
(Links to Contact Information)
Town Squad
2 Black Rock State Park Watertown 6
Hammonasset Beach State Park Madison 22
17 Indian Well State Park Shelton 6
31 Rocky Neck State Park East Lyme 10
34 Sherwood Island State Park Westport 13
35 Silver Sands State Park Milford 6
38 Squantz Pond State Park New Fairfield 8
42 Wadsworth Falls State Park Middletown 4
43 Wharton Brook State Park Wallingford 4

Interested in applying for a State Parks lifeguard position? Then complete the Seasonal Employment Application (Word Form or PDF), and send it directly to the park manager of the park(s) where you would like to work.

If you have additional questions, contact Sarah Battistini (Water Safety Coordinator) at:

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