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Connecticut State Parks - Lifeguard Program

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What We Do
State Park lifeguards conduct surveillance of certain designated swimming areas, administer first aid and emergency care as needed, and perform beach-related maintenance work.
In general, we are on duty daily from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. Our typical work week is 40 hours, including weekends and holidays from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
We are certified in American Red Cross lifeguarding with waterfront skills. We practice our skills throughout the summer by doing in-service training which includes both physical conditioning and technical skills review so we are always performing at our best.
Come Join Us:
I am currently American Red Cross lifeguard certified, how do I apply?
I need training, will you still consider hiring me?
YES!  We are running free lifeguard training for people that want to work at the State Park beaches.
Click the highlighted link here 2019 Prerequisites Courses Offered to start the training.

Which State Park beaches have lifeguards?

{Map of state parks that hire lifeguards}

Please ask and I'll be happy to help! Contact Sarah Battistini at, call 860-418-5958, or text 860-268-7191.

Content Last Updated December 2019