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A Resident Curator is a private individual, a private not-for-profit organization or a for profit company who is interested in historic preservation, who wishes to live in or, reuse a historic structure on state park or forest land.  A Resident Curator has the skills, knowledge, interest and financial means to restore a historic building and be willing to share it with the public.

The goal of the Resident Curator Program is to rehabilitate and maintain historic state park and forest properties at no expense to Connecticut taxpayers in exchange for a long-term lease and the opportunity to live in a state park or forest and to play a key role in the preservation of state and local history.  The Resident Curator program creates a partnership between the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) and a Resident Curator through a long-term lease.  In exchange for the long-term lease, the Resident Curator is responsible for the restoration, rehabilitation and ongoing maintenance of the house and property within guidelines set forth under this program.  The partnership benefits the public, the state, and the Resident Curator.

DEEP is interested in a hearing from a wide range of proposers.  Reuses of the property may involve either for-profit or non-profit undertakings or a combination of both.  The reuse proposal must be compatible with the DEEP’s mission of environmental conservation and public recreation.
The Division of State Parks and Public Outreach has a mission to “… provide an understanding of, access to and enjoyment of the state’s historic, cultural and natural resources.”
For further information, please contact:

Resident Curator Program
DEEP - Division of State Parks & Public Outreach
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