DEEP: Hammonasset Beach Environmental Impact Evaluation

Environmental Impact Evaluation (EIE) on Hammonasset Beach State Park Erosion Study
Hammonasset Beach State Park has suffered severe erosion in recent years, particularly at West Beach.  This erosion has reduced the useable area of the beach and is threatening infrastructure.  This EIE considers stategies to address this situation including no action, managed retreat of the beach with relocation of infrastructure, various offshore wave reduction or wave protection structures, and the proposed action of beach nourishment of 6,425 feet of West Beach from Tom's Creek to the southeast, to a berm width of 100 feet and a berm height of 8 feet, with or without a terminal groin at the southeastern end of the nourished beach segment.
The public can view a copy of this EIE at the Department of Environmental Protection, State Parks Division, 79 Elm Street, 6th Floor, Hartford, 06106, or at the Madison Town Library, 801 Boston Post Road, or the Office of the Town Clerk, 8 Campus Drive, Madison.  It can also be viewed online:
Appendix A  Scoping Documents and Comments  (PDF, 11 MB)
Appendix B  Final Engineering Feasibility Evaluation (PDF, 15.2 MB)
Appendix C  Socioeconomic Evaluation Report  (PDF)
Appendix D  Cultural Resources Evaluation Report (PDF, 8.5 MB)
Appendix E  Housatonic Sediment Testing (PDF)
Appendix F  Clinton Harbor Sediment Testing (PDF)
Appendix G  Wildlife and Endangered Species Report (PDF)
Appendix H  List of Preparers  (PDF)
A public meeting has been scheduled to present the findings of this EIE and to accept comments on November 24th from 7 to 9 pm at the Madison Memorial Town Hall, 10 School Street, Madison.  Comments will be accepted until the close of business on December 8, 2008.
For more information on the EIE or public meeting, or to submit comments contact:
Ms. Tammy Talbot
Supervising Environmental Analyst
Division of State Parks and Public Outreach
79 Elm Street, 6th Floor
Hartford, CT  06106
860-424-3199  phone
860-424-4070  fax