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Licensed Environmental Professional (LEP)
Application Forms

DEEP Fees for LEP Licenses and Exam

Questions specifically related to the LEP program should be directed to Kim Maiorano, LEP Program Coordinator at 860-424-3788. For further information concerning the DEEP fee structure for permitting, licensing, and annual registration and compliance fees, please contact the Permit Assistance Office at 860-424-3003.

Fee Category
Fee Description
Licensed Environmental Professional Program Annual Fee Renewal Fee for LEP
Application Fee
Examination Fee for LEP
Late Renewal  Untimely Renewal of Application Fee
New License Applying for new license if old license expired $1,062.50

Application Forms
 Form Description Form  Instructions  Additional Information 
Application for Examination to become an LEP
The next LEP Exam will be administered on May 8, 2019.
Verification of Education Form
This must be completed, certifed and submitted directly to the Board by the educational institution(s) that issued the degree.
Professional Reference Form
Word / PDF
Word / PDF
Please note:  The deadline to apply for the next LEP Exam is Friday, February 8, 2019.  
LEP Program
Fact Sheet 
Application for Environmental Professional License Renewal
Word / PDF
Due June 1, 2019
LEP Continuing Education Credit Summary Form 
This form must be included every ODD calendar year upon renewal to demonstrate compliance with the CEC requirements.  Attach the course certificates.
Word / PDF
Due June 1, 2019
NOTE:cannot repeat course for credit unless taken prior to July 1, 2013
This form must list each CTLEP course with the correct CT number and credits
Short Form to Retake the LEP Exam
Deadline to apply to retake the LEP exam is March 8, 2019.  
Course Approval Form
Word / PDF Use this form when requesting course  approval by the LEP Board for CTLEP credit
Application to Request A New License*
*If requesting a new license in an odd calendar year you must demonstrate compliance with the CEC requirements for licensure.  Attach the CEC summary form and course certificates to this form. 
Word / PDF No later than December 31st following expiration of license Use this form only if requesting a new license within six months of the expiration  of your old one
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