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"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better.  It's not."

                      ~ Dr. Seuss, from The Lorax

In 2010 we recycled and composted about 26% of our waste in Connecticut.  That rate might seem impressive; however, it has remained relatively flat over the past decade. Connecticut still disposes of 2.4 million tons of trash annually, an estimated 1,370 pounds of trash per person per year.  That's too much!  We not only can do better, we must do better by transforming solid waste management  into a materials economy that can create jobs through recycling .

Learn more about how we manage our waste in Connecticut and how to help us move toward our vision for even more waste reduction, reuse and recycling, by using the navigation links on the left and in the sections below.  Specific information on local recycling programs and locations is available through your municipal recycling coordinator .  DEEP's "What Do I Do With...?"  webpage may help CT residents decide how to recycle or dispose of that not-so-common item.

 Learn about CT's new Paint Recycling program.
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Recycle your computers and TVs at these locations {TV with VCR}  

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The Bulletin Board announces hot topics of short duration, such as recycling events, webinars, meetings, etc.  Check back often to see what interesting things are going on.
Local Publisher Announces "Think Yellow and Go Green" Recycling Drive in Eastern Connecticut
The Berry Company, publisher of the new Frontier Local Shopping Guide has announced their first annual "Think Yellow, Go Green" program for recycling old telephone books from businesses and residents in New London, Middlesex, and Windham Counties.  The collections will be held at sports fields throughout Southeastern Connecticut, and will run through July 24.
Wanted: CT Colleges & Universities to Pilot a New Intercollegiate Reuse Website
DEEP is working to establish a web-based intercollegiate reuse network that will enable Connecticut Colleges and Universities to exchange usable items among each other instead of throwing them away.  This network will be a password protected area of the Reuse Marketplace.  We are currently looking for a handful of CT Colleges and Universities to help pilot the system.  If you are interested and want to know more, please contact Chris Nelson at 860-424-3454.
NCSU Vermiculture Conference
Raleigh, NC
This event will provide the tools you need to start or expand an earthworm and vermicompost production operation. You will also learn the latest research on the effects of vermicompost and extracts (tea) on plant growth and disease suppression, how growers are effectively marketing earthworms and vermicompost, and the different technologies being utilized. At this conference there will be ample opportunities to get answers to your questions from industry experts and other growers.
Aug. 10 -11
Agricultural Plastics Recycling Conference & Trade Show (APRC 2015)
San Diego, California
A recycling industry networking forum bringing Plastic Recyclers, Brokers, Farmers, Nurseries, Agricultural Plastic Manufacturers, and Government Officials together to discuss the solutions to the landfilling and open burning of waste agricultural plastics.
Aug. 19-21
Waste Conversion Technology Conference & Trade Show
San Diego, CA
Southern Waste Information eXchange, Inc.
The Waste Conversion Technology Conference & Trade Show (WCTC) provides a forum for informing the public and private sectors of the economic and environmental significance of converting waste materials to alternative fuels such as biodiesel and ethanol as well as renewable electric energy.
Aug. 17-19
Tire Scrap to Profit Conference 
The Scrap Tire Research and Education Foundation, Inc.
Albany, NY
The conference will provide presentations and discussions involving industryís top concerns and interests including a regional focus on the North East and New England states, how to introduce/sell product in marketplace, innovation and your products, preventing and abating illegal dumping, reports on existing and emerging markets, addressing health concerns over material use, and rubber modified asphalt
Oct. 28 - 29
Reuse Marketplace Website
The Connecticut DEEP is pleased to participate in the Reuse Marketplace  - a website to help Capture Value, Exchange Reusable Items, Save Money & Reduce Waste.   The Reuse Marketplace is a free regional website that businesses, municipalities, institutions and organizations can use for posting or obtaining reusable or surplus materials that would otherwise be disposed as trash.  Itís is a quick and efficient way to manage surplus or gently used goods, which saves money and reduces waste disposal throughout Connecticut and the northeast region.  Anyone can browse the website and obtain materials, but only businesses, municipalities, institutions and organizations  can become members and offer items for reuse.  Please check it out today and start reducing your carbon footprint!
NEW! DEEP is working to establish an intercollegiate reuse network that will enable Connecticut Colleges and Universities to exchange items among each other instead of throwing them away.  This network will be a password protected area of the Reuse Marketplace.  We are currently looking for a handful CT Colleges and Universities to help pilot the system.  If you are interested and want to know more, please contact the person below. 
Questions can be directed to Chris Nelson of the Connecticut Dept. of Energy & Environmental Protection at 860-424-3454.
Not all organizations have their webinar schedules planned for the entire year.  It is recommended that you visit their webpage often for recent postings and/or join their mailing lists to be notified of upcoming broadcasts.
Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) Web Academy - FREE
The Sustainable Materials Management Web Academy (formerly the Resource Conservation Challenge, RCC) provides information to materials management stakeholders through webinars related to EPAís Sustainable Materials Management Program. Learn about key issues, successful projects, and a variety of best management practices for creating stellar waste management programs. Hear from experts around the country on what works and what doesnít, and how to make your program more successful. The format for the webinars will be a formal presentation followed by a question and answer session.  Recordings of past SMM webinars for 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 are archived on-line.
Third Thursday
1:00 EDT
Materials Management Through Sustainable Consumption Webinar Series - FREE
EPA's Materials Management through Sustainable Consumption Webinar Series is designed to provide examples of communities around the U.S. and internationally that are reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through creating more sustainable patterns of consumption. This webinar series focuses on helping regulators and environmental management experts share information about existing research, programs and practices. It also shares perspectives from citizens and businesses.  Recordings and/or pdf's of past SMM webinars are archived on-line .
12:30 EDT
Sustainable Materials Management Webinar Series - Free
National Recycling Coalition and Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Center
This webinar series is made possible by a partnership between NRC and the Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Center (PARMC) and seeks to deliver innovative programming to those who are seeking integrated opportunities for materials management.  Recordings of some past webinars are archived on-line.
Third Tuesday
College & University Recycling Coalition (CURC) Webinar Series - FREE
In Partnership with Keep America Beautiful;
Assoc. for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education; and
Alcoa Foundation
CURC webinars feature recognized collegiate and industry recycling experts covering a range of topics related to sustainable materials management. The series of six, bi-monthly programs will provide technical best practices information and case study presentations. Webinars from past years are archived on-line.
1:00 - 2:30
Keep America Beautiful (KAB) Webinar Series - FREE
Keep America Beautiful is conducting a series of free educational webinars with topics covering issues of interest for their affiliates and partners. 
Various Dates & Times
Product Stewardship Networking Webinar Series
To educate interested parties about recent product stewardship legislation and initiatives, PSI coordinates series of Networking Conference Webinars one to two times per year to allow participants across the nation to listen to expert presentations and ask questions on timely product stewardship issues.  Some of the webinars are free, others have a fee associated with them. Webinars from past years are archived on-line.
Various Dates & Times
US Composting Council (USCC)
The USCC is hosting a series of webinars on a variety of topics related to composting, compost use and organics recycling. Please check their website often as they add webinars and registration information.  Past webinars are also listed.
Various Dates & Times
APR Plastics Recycling Web Seminar Education Series 2015
Various Dates & Times
Container Recycling Institute (CRI) Webinars
CRI hosts webinars throughout the year on topics of interest and importance to the recycling community. Some webinars are for CRI members only; others are free. 
Various Dates & Times
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