DEEP: Supervisory Recertification Meetings

Supervisory Applicator Recertification Meetings

Supervisory applicators must obtain 12 credit hours per licensing period for renewal of their supervisory pesticide license. This list identifies meetings/seminars that supervisory applicators can attend to obtain needed credits. 

2014 Meeting Dates




Location (all in CT)


Phone Number

Credit Hours

1/13/2014 Pesticide Core Review Session 2 All
Planter's Choice Nursery 203-426-4037 All/1.5
1/14/2014 CNLA Winter Symposium PA, 3A, 3B, 3D
CNLA 203-426-4037 PA, 3A, 3B/4; 3D/3
1/14/2014 2014 Winter Seminar of the CAGCS 3A, 3B Groton CAGCS 203-387-0810 6
1/16/2014 CTPA 3A, 3D Plantsville CTPA 203-484-2512 3A/2; 3D/3.5
1/16/2014 CT Vegetable & Small Fruit Growers' Conference PA, 1A, 10 South Windsor UConn/CES 860-875-3331 4.5
1/21/2014 Pesticide Core Review Session 3 All
Planter's Choice Nursery 203-426-4037 3A, 3B/1.5; All/1
1/21/2014 2014 NEAPMS Conference - Tuesday  5 Westbrook NEAPMS 203-974-8502 4
1/22/2014 2014 CGKA Conference PA, 3A, 3B, 3D Cromwell CGKA 203-699-9912 PA, 3A, 3B/6.5; 3D/3.5
1/22/2014 2014 NEAPMS Conference - Wednesday 5 Westbrook NEAPMS 203-974-8502 5
1/23/2014 2014 NEAPMS Conference - Thursday 5 Westbrook NEAPMS 203-974-8502 3.5
1/28/2014 Pesticide Core Review Session 4 All
Planter's Choice Nursery 203-426-4037 3A, 3B/1.5; All/1
1/29/2014 Winter Educational Seminar PA, 3A, 3B Cromwell The Chas. C. Hart Seed, Co. 860-529-2537 4
2/04/2014 Pesticide Core Review Session 5 All
Planter's Choice Nursery 203-426-4037 3A, 3B/1.5; All/1
2/11/2014 Pesticide Core Review Session 6 All
Planter's Choice Nursery 203-426-4037 All/1.5
2/11/2014 Product Innovation Seminar 3A, 3B Farmington Tom Irwin 800-582-5959 4
2/25/2014 Bedding Plants - Spring 2014! PA, 3A
UConn/CES 860-626-6855 4
2/27/2014 Bedding Plants - Spring 2014! PA, 3A
UConn/CES 860-626-6855 4
3/20/2014 UConn Perennial Plant Conference PA, 3A Storrs UConn/CES 860-626-6855 1
3/29/2014 Climbing Seminar 3D Seymour Vermeer Northeast 203-463-6021 7

Acronym Represents
Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station
CAGCS Connecticut Association of Golf Course Superintendents
CEHA Connecticut Environmental Health Association
CES Cooperative Extension System
CL&P Northeast Utilities
CTEC Connecticut Environmental Council
CCTGA Connecticut Christmas Tree Grower Association
CGGA  Connecticut Greenhouse Grower Association
CGKA Connecticut Grounds Keepers Association
CIPWG Connecticut Invasive Plant Working Group
CNF  Connecticut Nurseymen's Foundation
Connecticut Nursery and Landscape Association
CPA Connecticut Parks Association
CPCA Connecticut Pest Control Association
CPS  Crop Production Services
CRPA Connecticut Recreation and Parks Association
CT DPH Connecticut Department of Public Health
CTPA Connecticut Tree Protective Association
DEEP Department of Energy and Environmental Protection
MCC Manchester Community College
METGCSA Metropolitan Golf Course Superintendents Association
NEAPMS Northeast Aquatic Plant Management Society
NEMCA New England Mosquito Control Association
NESTMA New England Sports Turf Managers Association
NOFA Northeast Organic Farmers Association
NPMA National Pest Management Association   
NRCS Natural Resources Conservation Service
NWSS New England Weed Science Society
RESIDEX Residex Corporation
TACF The American Chestnut Foundation
TCIA Tree Care Industry Association
TWA Tree Warden Association
UConn University of Connecticut

For further information regarding location, fee, and official certification, please contact the sponsor as provided in the table above.

The University of Connecticut Cooperative Extension also offers meetings for recertification credit.  See their recertification meeting  schedule for 2013-2014.

For more information, please call the Pesticide Management Program at (860) 424-3369, email the Pesticide Coordinator or write to:

Department of Energy and Environmental Protection
Bureau of Materials Management and Compliance Assurance
Pesticide Management Program
79 Elm Street
Hartford, CT 06106-5127

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